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Where everything in Flo comes together

HolisticFlo: Integrative Trauma Mapping & Intuitive Bodywork Infused with the Spirit of Aloha



HolisticFlo, founded and operated by Mahea Soller, offers an all-inclusive holistic healing approach. These healing sessions include: spiritual healing, movement therapy, stagnant energy removal, and trauma uncovering just to name a few.  Each session will look different as we journey together to discover what your higher self needs to heal. Learn more about how HolisticFlo redefines healing.    



Our products are handcrafted utilizing all-natural ingredients made in small batches to ensure quality. Each product is uniquely designed to help you relax and restore without the use of harsh chemicals.   


Shanti K.

Shanti K.

Layne B.

I have been seeing Mahea for almost
three years now and I honestly don’t know where I would currently be without her. She has helped me confront and heal from my childhood trauma that was wreaking havoc on my body and contributing to other ailments. With her help, I now have the tools to work through stress related situations with ease and knowledge. She also helped me connect with my deceased mother while still allowing me to heal.

Rose C.

HolisticFlo Is Amazing!!!

Usually I can only find a candle or two from a company that I like. At this point with Holisticflo Candles I haven't been able to find a sent I don't like. I prefer clean, natural scents and these candles are right up my ally. Ocean Dreaming, Sunset at Midnight, Hello... are at the top of my list.  Not only do they smell amazing, but they last a really long time! 


Cindy M.

We were delighted to find Mahea, after a recommendation from a friend of ours. We have gone to several massage therapists for several years, but Mahea has turned out to be the best.  She listens intently to our pain and zeros in on the problems and knows instinctively how to remove the aches away while also giving advise how to avoid having these problems return.

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