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Holistic artisan, intuitive healer and the creator of HolisticFlo


Aloha Kakou

Mahea Soller is a natural healer, certified bodyworker, and the creator of HollisticFlo, a healing space and handcrafted product line.  A native of Hawai'i, Mahea has deep ancestral connections to the Aina (land) and Moana (ocean).  An intuitive and empath, Mahea’s upbringing allows her to truly embody and spread the Aloha spirit. This results in a healing and harmonious-centered experience for clients.

A licensed professional with over 10 years of experience, Mahea's skilled holistic therapy combines her natural, ancestral gift of healing with expert bodywork. Mahea Soller helps clients release stagnant energy and emotion to bring their mind, body, and spirit back in alignment. Known for effectively and intuitively relieving problem areas, Mahea is known as the “Body Whisperer.”


The Mahea Soller Difference - Three Principles 

1 Clarity - As an intuitive healer, Mahea therapeutically listens to the body to determine a client's needs. HolisticFlo fuses massage therapy with holistic techniques to relax the body and release stagnant energy. The

goal of our services is to expand beyond massage therapy, and improve overall wellness. 

2.  Trust - Mahea listens to her clients to understand their exact needs, shows genuine respect, and recommends services that are tailored to increase client health and wellness. 

3.  Wisdom - An open book, Mahea never stops learning. 

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